What are the 5 strategic questions you need to answer for growth marketing?

When you’re devising a plan to take-to-market, you have a number of questions in mind. Each team has its own set of inhibitions and doubts that get documented.  

While an open discussion on these questions is advisable, it often off-tracks the real insights required to create a growth marketing strategy that really works. 

Remember, the goal of growth marketing is to effectively reach your stakeholders first. So the questions you ask at this stage need to be narrowed down too! 

Here’s what we at Kanagawa focus on getting answers to right at the stage of brainstorming: 

– Why do we do things? 
– Who are our prospective customers? 
– What are we going to offer to our customers? 
– How are we going to reach them? 
– Which resources and activities are required to achieve the above? 

Now if you notice, each of these questions are tied to a pillar in the pyramid. They are the core of your strategy, customer profile, value proposition, go-to-market and your business plan! 

But answering them is easier said than done. 

We have built a smart tool to help you with this, and if you’d like to give it a spin, try it out here.