Accelerate your sales process and drive more revenue

Why Sales Accelerator?

When scaling your business, you often deal with a complex sales process. The dynamics are unknown, resulting in longer sales cycles and lower conversion.

The Sales Accelerator will help you to:

  • Create insight into bottlenecks and opportunities.
  • Shorten sales cycle and improve conversion.
  • Drive more revenue
Kanagawa Sales Process

SalesForce and Implisit analysed the pipelines of hundreds of companies. They concluded that the average B2B sales cycle is 102 days. Although this insight was generated 9,5 years ago, it’s fully in line with our experience from working with more than 50 companies over the past five years. In fact, the majority of our customers had to deal with a sales cycle that is way longer.

What about yours?

Drive MOre revenue

Access the one framework that is designed to help you shorten your sales cycle and improve conversion.

What is the Sales Accelerator?

Sales Accelerator is a tried and tested framework designed through years of experience in helping start- & scale-ups set-up and optimise their sales process to drive revenue.

The framework is built on the foundation for successful sales including: Strategy, Management, People, Process and Technology.

Kanagawa presenting

How does the Sales Accelerator work?

  • Two or four weeks commercial sprint with your team.
  • Break down the silos between marketing, support and sales to gather comprehensive insights.
  • Extinguish burning platforms
  • Create an easy to scale and measurable sales process.
  • Shorten your sales cycle with data-backed tactics and improve sales velocity.
Kanagawa Workshop

What is a commercial sprint?

  • We work in sprints and a weekly heartbeat.
  • Depending on your teams availability we are available one or two days per week to do workshops and implement our process.
  • In general we need four to six days in total to optimize your sales process.

Accelerate your sales

We optimise your sales process using our tested framework.

Call us your Fractional CCO or Head of Growth.

We come with:

  • A startup and scale-up mentality, participated in 50+ ventures. 
  • Experience in building full funnel growth strategies.
  • Complementary skills in creative, marketing & sales. 
  • Ability to create tangible growth strategy roadmaps.
  • Experience in aligning operations across Product, Marketing and Sales.



Are you ready to scale your business?

We help venture builders to realize double-digit growth. We implement a proven growth framework to find and convert customers faster.

But to work closely with teams, we take up only a limited number of projects every month.