What does a good funnel look like?

Sorry to burst the bubble, but it definitely does not look like an endless influx of leads that will convert from day one. 

We know, internet says that growth marketing is supposed to get you leads faster. 

But the truth is, it’s not ‘faster’, it is ‘strategic’. The funnel approach still holds true. 

You’re a new product/ service. You will need to go through all the stages of getting a customer still! 

– Awareness (needs/ motivations) 
– Acquisition (consideration) 
– Activation (purchase & experience) 
Retention (making yourself sticky which is according to us the most important metric to optimise!) 
– Referral (recommendation) 

Now what most don’t realise is that each stage of the funnel is led by its core performance metrics or KPIs. For instance, at the awareness stage, you’re looking at Click Through Rates on your campaigns. But once you’ve hit Activation, your metrics change to either ‘booking a demo’ or ‘starting a trial’. 

The reason we bring this up is, if your funnel is not defined, your KPIs are all over the place. If your KPIs are all over the place, so are your efforts and realising growth out of scattered efforts, never works. 

I you want to know more about how to model your growth, please look here!