Growth marketing is way more effective than growth hacking

Unpopular opinion on growth marketing vs growth hacking.

The former is way more effective than growth hacking. 

That’s how Robinhood, Zapier, Tinder, Canva and even Aviation Gin came to be where they are. 

Instead of looking for short-term success, the companies focused on understanding their target market, defining their ideal customer/ user, the channels they could use to move that audience into the funnel and get them from feeling the ‘need’ for their solutions to actually ‘using’ them. 

Yes, it took them time to nail it; but once they did, there was no stopping their growth. 

I found this very interesting article on Medium over the weekend, that brings together the success stories of these names. It highlights how they created a strategy to reach where they are, with a stable footing. 

Hope you’ll find it as insightful as we did! 

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