Unpopular opinion on launching a new business!

Launching a new business can be as exhilarating as it can be bewildering or let’s say overwhelming. If you’re an entrepreneur who’s just about to take your idea to the market, you’re most likely juggling with a thousand details to make sure your plan has the potential to reach the right audience. 

More often than not, most entrepreneurs tend to leave one thing for later: Branding. 

And that’s where they go wrong. Why?

Here’s what the lack of developing a brand means while launching a new business: 

  • Not having an identity, you don’t know what you want your audience to perceive you as 
  • Awareness around your core capabilities will drop when your audience is given no direction 
  • You will not be able to distinguish your startup from your peers; let alone competitors 
  • Longevity of your campaigns reduce, due to lack of recall or something to associate you with 
  • Relationship between you and your audience will remain on the rocks when there’s no connection 

Come to think of it, not focusing on your branding is like creating a roadblock for your growth. All by yourself!

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