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The hard truth about scaling your business

“Knowing your target audience and knowing how to get their attention and convert them to leads and ultimately customers is one of the most important skills of a successful business.

But an inability to market was a common failure especially among founders who liked to code or build product but who didn’t relish the idea of promoting the product.”

Source: CB Insights on why startups fail, November 2019.

The hard truth


90% of all start-ups fail


10% fail within one year

The most common reasons for failure


56% Marketing problems (both strategy and execution)


18% Team


16% Finance


6% Tech


4% Ops & legal

But it’s only tough when you’re not tracking the right numbers.

Meet the Traction Tracker

Track & score all ingredients for successful growth of your business.

Our Traction Tracker generates a plot of the market readiness of an initiative. We measure start & scale-ups on 5 parameters and provide actionables for growth to move them into the scaling phase.

  • Track progress of where your initiative stands in achieving its ambition.
  • Identify gaps which need to be addressed before reaching product-market fit and/or scaling.
  • Benchmark Performance over time and against other initiatives.

Our Traction tracker is a base to model growth for

Innovation Hub Leads

More successful initiatives

We help Innovation hub leads within corporate accelerators increase the number of successful initiatives with a plug & play Growth Team that powers multiple initiatives.

Start-up Founders

Revenue growth

We help Founders of initiatives implement growth frameworks with a systematical approach to attract new clients and generate double digit growth.

Customer Leads

More customers

We help Customer Leads to profile and target their ideal customer, so they know how to get their attention and convert them to leads and paying customers.

Go APE to deliver fast results

Get actionable insights into your market readiness

Assess (2-3 days)

Identify the gaps which need to be addressed before reaching product-market fit and/or scaling effectively.

Deliverable: Market Readiness Radar

Create a solid growth strategy exclusive to your goals

Plan (3-5 days)

Draft a lean growth marketing plan together with the team, including prerequisites for growth.

Deliverable: Growth roadmap

Implement, test and drive double digit results!

Execute (5-10 days)

Implement growth marketing framework & processes, necessary tooling and coach teams.

Deliverable: Sprint plan, backlog & Active Participation

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Product market fit is crucial to building a successful venture

The most crucial step to building a successful venture is finding that substantial base of customers that is willing to buy your product or service.

The hard truth is that 90% of all start-ups fail. With marketing being the most common reason for failure, the key question for all start-ups is;

“How are we going to reach our customers and grow?”

We enable teams in corporate accelerators and individual start & scale-ups to achieve product-market fit and move into scaling by finding their ideal customers and realise double digit growth.

Operating as a temporary tandem of experts, we help teams develop a growth mindset and execution power by inserting our knowledge and growth frameworks into the way of working.

We do not produce huge decks, but we actively participate in the team sprints, involve stakeholders and move swiftly into execution and get things done WITH you.

How do you plan to reach your customers?

Who we are

Peter Belling

Peter Belling

Growth & Innovation Director

Peter has over 20 years of experience working as a Strategy Consultant and Head of Growth. He has advised over 25 start- & scale-ups to find product-market fit and scale rapidly. Over the years he has created his own successful approach which has been validated with the several teams he has worked with.

Nils Verlaat

Nils Verlaat

Strategy & Marketing Director

+31 6 55 120 240

Nils has 20 years of experience as a strategy director in digital development, innovation & growth. Nils has worked for many digital agencies, advertising agencies, corporates and start-ups. He combines creativity and a strong future watch with the ability to make things simple and get them done.

You’re in good company

We work and have worked with many fast-scaling companies.

What our clients say...

Value by implementing a clear structure.

“Kanagawa helped us to assess and measure our progress in the innovation funnel. They quickly got up to speed with our teams and directly added value by implementing a clear structure and approach to set up for growth. This helped us to implement key-metrics, quantify results and improve on a daily basis. They also helped us to improve our PM/Fit playbook which is of great support to our venture leads.”

Anne Hudepohl
Head of Booster, Strategic Transformation Office, NN Group

Looking for your new Growth Manager, hire Peter!

“In his role as Growth Marketing Lead, Peter was able to kickstart our go to marketing / growth engine. Peter was responsible for helping the start-up initiatives within ING Lab’s. It was really fun working with Peter as he is a self-starting, independent, analytical and creative Marketer focusing on concrete and short term impact. Highly recommended.”

Daniele Dondi
Innovation Services Lead ING labs

Looking for creativity and connecting leadership?

“Nils delivered a great job for us. So if you are looking for a combination of creativity, know-how, a solid project based approach and connecting leadership, then Nils is the go-to guy.”

Herman Sjoerds
Initiative Lead, Customer Journey Expert, Innovation & Marketing, ING Commercial Finance

Vision, creativity & systematic approach.

“Working with Peter & Nils, is like 1+1=3. They bundle vision, creativity and at the same time, a keen eye for detail in their systematic approach for growth. This helped us to quickly produce tangible results for our clients. And above all, they’re simply cool guys to work with!”

René Jongen
Partner at RevelX

Aligning marketing and sales into one cohesive team.

“At Bright River, launching a new proposition to a new audience was a significant challenge. Kanagawa helped us define a winning go-to-market strategy and accelerate our sales process. The key was aligning marketing and sales into one cohesive team. We developed a commercial strategy, including ABM, demand gen and paid campaigns. Collaborating in weekly growth meetings led to crucial insights and significantly increased qualified leads for our new service and existing business.”

Martijn van Weede
Director Client Succes at Bright River

Ready TO MOVE your business FORWARD?

Acting as a temporary team of experts, we help develop a growth mindset and deliver execution power into daily operations.

We don't just create plans; we actively participate in team sprints, engage stakeholders, and swiftly move into execution to get things done with you.

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