Unlock hidden opportunities and accelerate scaling with a tried and tested Growth Model

Streamline and strategize your go-to marketing strategy with a tried and tested framework used by leading startups and scaleups.

90% of all startups fail and 10% do so within a year.

The problem is not the product, it’s how your functions work together.

What is a Growth Model?

A growth model is a representation of how all conversion funnel elements work together and realize growth across all functions of the company.
  • Understand the AAARRR/Pirate Funnel
  • Define growth experiments to reach traction
  • Identify conversion points
  • Growth plan
  • Set performance metrics and OKRs

Why do you need a Growth Model?

Fast-moving markets require data-driven strategies and a growth model is the foundation.
  • Plan for exactly how you’ll get to success
  • Identify levers to acquire and retain users
  • Provide the team with an opportunity to connect the dots
  • Get a holistic analysis of growth across all stages
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Having a growth model in place is like streamlining all your efforts to play on your strengths first to acquire, engage, retain and even tap into referrals for faster scaling - all while being able to get the time to work on your weaknesses to turn them into opportunities.

Get a growth hypothesis and recommendations


Validate how new customers discover your product/ service


Understand the One Metric That Matters at each stage of the funnel


Setting OKRs for marketing, sales, operations and other teams


Recommendations from growth enablers with ___ + years of scaling
Nils & Peter Growth enablers, Kanagawa
The most crucial step of building a successful venture is achieving product-market fit. Finding that substantial base of customers that is willing to buy or use your product or service, and leveraging your strengths in a strategic way to reach them is where most fail due to a lack of synchronized efforts. That’s why we built the Growth Model by documenting our tried, tested and proven processes.

You’re in good company

The Kanagawa Growth Model is being used by fast-scaling companies across the globe.

Finding a product-market fit is hard. But traction is harder!

Streamline and simplify your go-to marketing strategy for success in less than 5 minutes.